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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Why do I feel such a constant, hungry need to be the highest achiever, the most intelligent, the most entertaining, and worst of all the most attractive?
I know it's good to have goals, to aim high, to strive. I just wish I could sit back and see that I'm doing pretty well, I'm intelligent, I'm liked, I'm attractive to many men.
Would I really be happier if I was the most beautiful? If I had the best degree? If every random thought of me foremost as great fun? Well, maybe yes, but what's the point in forsaking all the happiness I could have right now for such fruitless pursuits.
I'll only end up with nothing.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ten Things I Love About Summer:

1. The sun. It shines! And who doesn't love that?

2. Getting to wear tiny skirts/shorts/tops/bikinis without dying after months of being wrapped tight in big knits - I get to feel carefree and attractive.

3. Perching on a lounger with huge sunglasses and an even bigger hat, sipping some cool iced drink, vaguely believing that paparazzi are trying to sneak shots over the garden wall, of course.

4. My craving for chocolate decreases a little. So thats just two bars a day then.

5. Ice-cream is thrown at me from all corners!

6. I find I'm actually exercising and enjoying it - cycling gaily, swimming outdoors, attempting Wimbledon imitation (see next point).

7. The whole nation is brought together in a joyous spirit of enthusiasm, believing that England WILL win Euro 2004, and this year IS finally Tim's year. Oh yes.

8. Barbecues - the men want to cook, I relax and enjoy the outdoor party, usually leading to a late-night chilled out drinking session.

9. No coursework deadlines, no exams.

10. Warm weather + national sports + alcohol + long late nights = plenty of passion. Oh yes.

Ten Things I Hate About Summer.

1. The sun fails to tan my English-rose porcelain skin, and instead draws out a thousand freckles with the occasional touching burnt spot thrown in for good measure.

2. Aforementioned tiny apparel leaves paleness of skin hideously exposed. Options: risk the tangoed look orange streaks by using the devils own fake tan, or loudly (yet unconvincingly) insist PALE IS INTERESTING.

3. Nosy neighbours perving as I lounge in garden. Then getting splashed by their screeching kids having a waterfight.

4. The chocolate I do want to eat is melting, mellllllltiiiiiiiiing!!!

5. Sick feeling (both mentally and physically) after downing half a litre of Cornish ice cream covered in golden syrup.

6. Fear getting sweaty. Fear sweat of big fat balding men even more.

7. Disappointment when all our sporting heroes crash disastrously. Not that they will this year, of course!

8. One rainy day of the week falling on the day of planned BBQ/party/other looked-forward to outdoor event.

9. Neccessity to take on hours of Temp work to supplement a bank account on it's last legs.

10. Hmm...can't think of a negative side to point number 10 :-D suggestions on a postcard please!
Lesson of the day - cycling in small, far too tight denim shorts is surprisingly uncomfortable.
Oh, and by the way, I know you're here people, I look at the stats, so let me know what you think - rate me on bloghop, comments, email, whatever.
Well, it has been a while. I'm nopt sure what I've been doing, but I've been very busy doing it. Learning things, watching certain sporting events, spending time with the Boyfriend, that sort of thing.
Nevertheless my neglect of my ramblings is inexcusable so verily I return to the land of regular updates!
Except that I feel this blog is not enough of a forum for expression for me. Therefore, a website is in the offing.
*excitement all round*
Which will be utterly fabulous and wonderful and all things good - keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the grand opening!

Monday, May 31, 2004

Troy. I saw it a few days ago with a couple of future housemates. Brad Pitt. Not good. Such a shame. Rather cheesy in fact.
Quite a few stifled giggles were to be heard at some of his most *earnest* scenes, the dramatic, heartfelt moments that should be the pivotal points of the film.
Note - pouting mouth and a gaze into the middle distance do not a great emotional performance make.

But hell who am I to talk you don't see me up there do you?
But if you did....
Well, just to give a little more information on what I'm saving for, it involves making myself even prettier! ;-)
Mmm a delicious bank holiday weekend involving lust-filled showers, copious amounts of chocolate and a ton of juicy fruits and good films on DVD and the big screen. Shame the sun only made an appearance today!
I'm saving up money at the moment. I have £80 of the required £210 deposited in my post office account for my little treat. Suggestions (legal) of how to speedily make up the rest greatly appreciated.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Well, I'm away a couple of weeks and I come back to a whole new blogger! May have one of the new pretty templates up at some point as soon as I can figure out how not to lose anything I've put on here.
Anyway, I've been busy earning money for weeks (will finally see some of it tomorrow, though not enough) and now need to get some serious studying done. If I could just win a couple of grand I'd be fine.
However, my plan today involves going somewhere I can sit with tea for an hour reading a good book. And probably end up spending more money I don't have.
The boyfriend is up this weekend. Things have been going fantastically well recently, we've been together 11 months today actually. I'm going to cook for him. This is something to be afraid of indeed, if I make it through without setting off the smoke alarms or give him food poisoning (or something simply inedible) it will be a miracle.
I'm also going to wear a sexy little something, not sure what.
Anyway, breakfast....

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Street surveys may pay well but I'm not sure if it's worth it:
Random Fat Man: Do you go to the swimming baths often then?
Pixie: No, I'm just doing the survey for them?
RFM: COs if you start going to the baths, I will to *leers*
Pixie: [moves away slowly]

le sigh!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

I'm sat in the dark listening to my boyfriend breathing. It's midday so he must be really tired. cute though

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hmm would Pixie make a good 'High Street Honey'?? A spread in FHM would certainly be something to look back on when old and wrinkly.
Just got in from work, harrassing people on the phone to find out their opinions on the new postal charges e.g. taking size into account not just weight (fascinating stuff I assure you...) quite a few nuts demanding to know where their lost post is even though I tell them I'm nothing to do with Royal Mail, just doing the research. Still, it's not bad money for fairly easy work to supplement my studies. Next week I may be doing surveys on the street, you know the ones, wave clipboards at you. Scary thought but I get paid a bit more!
I will use the money to purchase THIS beautiful piece of lingerie/nightwear though can't decide in which colour. Any suggestions?

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